2019 – a 6 month review of achievements!

As we near the end of June I thought I’d take time to reflect on what I’ve achieved these last six months.

New Years resolutions aren’t for everyone but this year, I set some! I like having goals whether it’s for work or personal, but I’ve never actually written any down and then gone back to check if I have achieved them! Until now…

My list (any excuse for a list!) was:

📝 Get my head around twitter
📝 Visit somewhere new
📝 Fund-raise for charity
📝 Reach my Slimming World target weight
📝 Do some yoga
📝 Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube!

So how have I done…

Twitter – I’m trying! But I’m not finding it easy. I have actually found it easier to learn how to use it through my personal twitter account. Being a small business and a handcrafted one at that, it’s not easy to find time to be on so many social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are my most successful and favourite ones to use.

I have managed to get my head around the conversation threads on twitter though and it has been quite helpful for meeting like minded people on a personal level.

Visit somewhere new – not yet, but we plan to have a break later in the year to the Peak District – I’ve never been before but it looks beautiful and so dog friendly – the boys will love it! Any recommendations of where to stay / visit do let me know!

Fundraising – I managed to successfully get myself in the local newspaper for fundraising for the MS Trust, and raise money for them! By selling limited edition notebooks, £5 of every sale is donated to the MS Trust. So far over £200 has been raised – there are still some copies left so for more details and to buy a notebook please head to my online shop here.

Reach my Slimming World target – yeah that hasn’t happened yet… I got my SW food diary out though and I have lost 3.5lbs so only 10.5 lbs to go!

Do some Yoga – this is funny because I nearly ended up doing Yoga on TV! I was interviewed by Sky News for MS awareness week – the focus being on how exercise and being active can help benefit your health when you have MS. Just before they arrived they asked if I could do some yoga in the park. My immediate thought was of me with my bum up in the air on telly! I couldn’t do it. So instead me and Bert were filmed having a walk. My interview was heavily edited so everything I said about exercise was cut out and they went with the marathon runner’s more interesting story!

I did want to go to a Yoga class but finding time is hard! I have also bought a Pilates DVD to try at home, but I’ve only got as far as the introduction at the moment! Ha!

Solve a Rubik’s cube – yeah I’ve not done that yet, I have managed to make one whole side completely white, so that’s a start… There are loads of tutorials on YouTube – I just need to find time to sit down and watch them!

I have of course achieved more than this – because some stuff you never plan…

Like receiving Highly Commended for our entry to the Women’s Institute photography competition, coming runner-up in The Brentwood Belles WI Challenge Cup, and being part of the wonderful Brentwood Art Trail – exhibiting my crochet items in a yarn bomb and running my new pom pom workshop!

I’ve also started regularly litter picking and recycling my crisp packets with Walkers Crisps, as well as finding other ways to reduce plastic waste – there’s lots to say about that which I will save for a new blog post.

So 2019 has been a pretty successful year so far but that’s not to say it hasn’t been challenging. We’ve had our fair share of family health issues and worries. I feel like social media has not been on my side, and that makes business harder. And the weather has certainly not been on my husband’s side – he’s an ice cream man!

I only mention this to get across that the last six months have been far from a bed of roses, they have sometimes been very difficult; but I try not to dwell on the negatives, but look at the positives. What I have achieved and of course, what I hope to achieve. Which I do believe means that I need to make another list! 😉

What’s on your list for the rest of 2019?


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